dinner party


Ham, egg and chips

Crispy chicken skin, pickled chantrelles and brioche

Confit pig cheek, smoked eel and English mustard

Bloody Mary jelly, horseradish cream and five seed toast

Beetroot and gin cured salmon, confit salsify, lemon and poppy seeds


First course

Crispy pork, black pudding, pea ice cream, mint, shallot, crispy ears and peas


Second course

Wild bass, textures of cauliflower, vanilla, nasturtium


Third course

Derbyshire lamb, crispy breast, neck pudding, cured loin, wild garlic, people potato



Warm Derbyshire parkin, Barkham blue cheese and truffle honey



A plate of lemon, meringue, curd, posset, crumble, macaroon, cream, jelly